Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rick Ankiel ...

... the start of another baseball season! Its exciting. What is more exciting is Rick Ankiel! The former starter turned outfielder!

He 'lost' it in the playoffs a few years back where he threw like 9 wild pitches in an inning. So, he gave up pitching and started to work on his hitting. Now, he is an outfielder and he is starting everyday in St. Louis!

Today he was batting clean up too! Man, I wish he could still pitch. Then every 5th day he would take the mound as a pitcher and bat like clean up or something crazy like that. The other 4 days? He would start in the outfield. That would be some old skewl awesomeness. But alas, he isn't gong to be taking the mound anytime soon - probably only in emergency situations (ie. like 18+ inning games).