Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pieces Everywhere!

This week's update features less things getting done and a larger mess all over the 'living room'. There are pieces everywhere! We've started to use those some takeout containers to put different types of pieces. Like greens, animals and fur.

I've split out the zebra pieces from the other 'animal pieces.' Crystal has started working on the zebras. Apparently there was a lot more then I originally thought!

I've gotten started on the rhino! It hasn't been as difficult as I had originally thought. Its a pretty distinct "bluish-grey" colour.

We've also been able to finish up a lot of the little plants like things. I'm not sure what they are called and have attached them to the edge. The edge is most complete and I've been finding random edge pieces in the piles as I've been sorting.

I've also got other people into puzzling .. well, one guy, Dave. Its his 30th birthday today. Happy Birthday Dave. And since its on the Internet, it must be true.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sky Complete?

So, the last puzzle was a pain since doing the sky took forever. I decided to tackle the sky first this time. Its almost done! Plus I've finished *most* of the flamingos.

Now, I've been looking at the piles of the colours and there is a lot of black left. I think that's going to be annoying colour of the puzzle.

Here are a bunch of other things we've (Crystal and I) have been working on.

We are making some progress, I think we have completed about 1000 or so pieces ... 17,000 more pieces to go!!

Oh, by the way, rule #1 gets borken all of the time. I need to start going to be bed earlier. Shhhh, don't tell Crystal ... or my boss.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

General Sorting Complete!

So, I've finished sorting 18,000 puzzle pieces ... it took about 40 hours to sort them all.

I would have been done earlier if it weren't for Rule #1 ;)
Split into 5 or so "categories" (Green, Brown/Grey, Reddish, Black, Sky/Blue, Animal Fur, Rainbow)
Oh the edge pieces are in the box! See I've already started to put things together

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunday, February 05, 2012

At The Waterhole!

Some of you may have remembered the last crazy puzzle I did ...
It was 9,000 pieces of "The Wedding Feast of Cana."

I got a new one! Its called "At The Waterhole"!
Came in 4 bags, but you know me! Gotta mix 'em up real good before starting out!
We moved around our furniture to give ourselves more room. The finished puzzle is about 9' by 7'!
So, now I sort. I figure by Saturday I should have a few piles of pieces sorted. Hopefully all of the edge pieces! I've found a corner already!!! Its the lower passenger side corner.

The Estimate:
Based on the 9,000 piece puzzle, I figure it'll take me (and some family and friends) about 6 months. There is not anything that overly blue. The 9,000 piece puzzle took about 5 months ... but there was about 2,000 pieces of blue. That took me about 3-4 weeks alone. But I'm not sure how the massive elephant will turn out!

I hope to make frequent updates (weekly possibly?) with pictures of my progress!