Sunday, May 06, 2012

Two Week Update

I missed last week because ... I was I up really late before taking my pictures.  For the most part the hippos are more complete.  I've also started with the rainbows. And the upper left corner.

The smaller hippo

Big Hippo!

Splashy elephant leg


Week two brings a more complete rainbow.  Plus some official products of Keizo's Puzzling Time (tm)! I've also found that I'm looking through the pieces to location the 'random' pieces that are missing, like for the hippo.  I feel like I want to complete something ... errr, completely.

The upper left hand corner.  The rainbow is *mostly complete*

And LOOK Charleston Chew!  The official chew of Keizo's Puzzling Time (tm)!
And a BlackBerry!  The official smartphone of Keizo's Puzzling Time (tm)!

The smaller giraffe's head (since there was rainbow close by)

This is complete!  Except for around his ear! YAY!!

The other hippo!

Its the "Day After Tomorrow"!  The official movie of Keizo's Puzzling Time (tm)!! Since its been on every weekend for the last 4 weeks. Next weekend its on FX Canada!  Yay!