Monday, July 13, 2015

Don't Try This At Home ... Seriously

So my last 2 posts were pretty delicious and awesome.  I figure that Oreo knew what they were doing, so I picked up a pack of this:
I didn't know what to expect, but they were pretty good.  I would buy them again.

So, guess what I decided to do ...



Needless to say, this wasn't a good idea.  It was pretty terrible.
Stick to the cookie form.

On the bright side, only 165 sleeps until Christmas!
Hallmark is on the ball!!!

And yes, I did watch several of these movies - all weekend long.

Friday, July 10, 2015

You know what could be more awesome?

... Well, I found this:

And it sort of looks like this:
It didn't really taste 'quite right'.  I was confused ... WHY would you replace the delicious Oreo-ness that makes an Oreo an Oreo

So ... I think you know what is next!


Real Oreo cookies
The stuffing

Yes, 'Premium Italian Chocolate'

Awesomeness + 2!

It was awesomely delicious.
Try it today!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Awesomeness ...

... made MORE awesome!

I went to Safeway on the weekend, to finally go grocery shopping, and I happened upon this.
So, I bought a pack.  Now, this is what they look like:

Its pretty good. And it looks mostly like the packaging.
It tastes pretty good too.  I give it 2-thumbs up.

But I had decided, it wasn't good enough ... so then, I did this:
I give this THREE thumbs up!
Yes, its that good.

Awesomeness ... made more awesome.

I can't wait to see what else Oreo does for the next "Limited Edition" cookie.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Yes, China ....

Well, that was an eventful week.  I travelled to the future and then came back to the past. I completed my only goal of the trip.

Things that I learned on my trip:

The Maglev train is only "fast"

Yes, only "fast".  I say that because if you want to go super fast, you need to ride the train from 1500h to 1545h where you go 468 kph.  The maximum speed is 300 kph after 1545h. But looking at the video now, I "guess" it seems really fast.


Typically, I like to stick to food I'm comfortable with. But I decided to try different foods (kinda like here where I attempt to eat the vegan dish in the caf) ... up to a point.  I had some dim sum, pig's feet and some dumplings.  The dim sum was really good. I should have gotten 6 of them instead of the pig's feet.  That was less good. The pot stickers (or dumplings) were meh ... Yes, I've never had dim sum ... pot stickers (I've only had them Japanese style - Gyoza).


At least there was fast-food. Check out the 'McNugget meal.' But no 6-pack nuggets - but 5-packs!? I wonder if they would ever sell the 50 McNuggets for $10 (or the 20 McNuggets for $5 deal).

Public Transit
The subway system in Shanghai seems super safe.  Pushing people on the tracks is not possible since there is little wall thingy.  Also, there are x-ray machines you need to put your stuff through every time you enter a station. Driving in Shanghai is super scary, road lines are 'optional' and sometimes red lights are 'optional' too. Remember, cars and buses are bigger then you, so they pretty much have right of way.

Just Excessive 
There are some REALLY tall buildings in Shanghai.  I had no idea. Plus the stores are crazy. The Apple Store features the world biggest "curved glass" and the Louis Vuitton store sort of just speaks for itself.  I couldn't find a cheesy souvenir store it was all brand names, all of the time. I did get to go to an "antique" street with some merchants and tried my hand at bargaining - bring out them calculators!

Mayweather - Pacquaio
Even in China was I was able to catch Mayweather - Paciquiao I (maybe there will a II - Mayweahter did not outright reject a rematch).  I went to a sports bar called the Camel and there was NO cover!  It ended up being a fight I had expected to see, not the fight I was hoping to see.  I wanted to see a really offensive aggressive fight. Too bad it turned into your typical Mayweather match. Next up for Mayweather is probably my boy Amir Khan (unless he loses to Chris Algieri).  As for Pacquiao, well, surgery for one and then I believe 6 - 8 month recovery period.

After a week of anticipation, the Dreamliner was not as awesome as I expected. It was only 1-level. The windows do not have any little blind thingys.  There is a button that dims the window, but it does not dim the window completely. Its made of carbon and what not, but that is sort of underwhelming.  Apparently, I should have found a flight that uses the A380 plane instead - that thing is massive.

Other details of note:

  • The Internet in China is slow - also try living without Google if your carrier/hotel isn't 'sneaky'
  • Apple Maps is better then Google Maps - it didn't put me in the middle of the river while trying to find my hotel (and considering it was the first time in the country, a good maps program is important).  I'm going to say that it was Matt P.'s doing.  Thanks Matt!
  • Los Angeles (LAX) airport is one of the worse airports I've been to. It seems like I've been to a lot of them.  Normally there are those "Departures" screen thingy-doodles all over the place; but I didn't see one until I was literally at my gate. The airport is 8-ish terminals big.  I wasn't sure when I went through security if I had to leave and re-go through security again to get to my gate.
It was a good trip.  I learned a lot and got a lot of work done. That was the purpose of the trip (that and going on the Maglev train). Maybe I'll get to go some where more awesome next time - where there are some cheesy souvenir shops

Sunday, April 26, 2015

China You Say ...

... "So, are you ok with traveling to China?"

This will be interesting.  I have one goal ... take that super duper fast Maglev train thingy from the airport.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One Year Later ....

... Happy 1 Year Anniversary from being let go from BlackBerry. How do I feel? Hmmm, right now.  Kinda tired. I guess I would say that it still stings from getting let go.  But on the flip side, I was in t-shirt and jeans in January ... and February. So, there is that.

Crystal! and Brodie! still are in Canada, I bolieve they will be joining me soon.  We are almost ready to list our house. Once the house sells, then they will come down and join me.  So the timelines are difficult to track.  Soon we'll be together again!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Good Work Tom ...

... I did my part back in July (What can you do in 900 days!? ...). And Tom finished it! The curse is lifted as you can tell by the 'miracle' catch the Seahawks had in the waning moments of the 4th quarter but the Pats still won.

It was the first time I got to see them "Super Bowl" commercials.  Canada, you really didn't miss much.  Except for the Budweiser ad.