Saturday, March 19, 2016


man this is hard work

brodie here its been about 6 months since i moved out here and boy things are sure different down here. my persons are now in this tiny place but there are super big windows so i can look outside. they finally got a desk and setup this super big computer so now i can sneak on it to send you all an update. right now, they are still sleeping so i think i have some time.

so what has it been like? well, my fellow furry friends, warm. so very warm. there is no snow down here and as a canadian i really miss it. other then that, its like spring and summer all of the time

got to meet santa again

about 2 months ago my persons took me on a car ride. we went to this place where there were birds and other dogs. i met this little dog, they called him "brutus" and we seem to get along. my people seemed really happy about it. the strange thing is that after "brutus" and i met, we went for a little walk. my people talked for a little bit and then went back into the place with the birds. i thought this "brutus" guy was going to be left and we would go home. but he was coming with us!! i figured, well maybe he needs to be taken care of for a little while. so i just shook it off. we all piled into the car and drove to the place where all of the toys and food and what not. my people picked up another bed? why! i have a bed and its super comfy.  but you know, you can never have too many beds. we got back home but they didnt drop this other guy off. he WAS COMING UP WITH US!? i did not know what to think. my people were talking and asking each other things like, "franklin?" "lincoln?" "tobias?" "tucker?"  i did not like tobias or tobie for short, it confused me. eventually, they stopped using "brutus" and called him "tucker." i figure he would not be around for long so whatever.

apparently he may be staying

so tucker said he was born and raised in california which is strange because californians are supposed to be super laid back. i have really been trying to fit in here, so i have been super laid back, except when it comes to food and treats. tucker is not laid back. its a myth. almost all of my friends back home are way more relaxed than what he is. every little noise he is up and barking. i'm like cmon man, chill. i thought you were from california. he said that he did not get to come inside often with his other person so he had to stay outside. poor guy. he gets cold super easily and he really hates the rain. i cannot imagine if he ever saw snow.

anyways, its been 2 months now and i figured he isnt gone by now i should make the best of it.

our typical day

oh hamburgers .... i think someone is waking up! i gotta go ... peace love and happiness (thats what we californians are supposed to say right?)