Sunday, April 22, 2012


Finished most of the hippos.  It seems I need to pick through lots of pieces!  I think I've placed almost all of the purplish pieces.  I've needed to take separate pictures because its gotten too wide.


Big Hippo!

Elephant's leg with some splashy water!

Smaller hippo!

Damn TSN!

NHL playoffs are upon us! (Go Phoenix!)
And it seems all 3rd periods are sponsored by Mint Chip Klondike bars. I've seen so many commercials that I eventually NEED one (kinda like those Downy Un-Stoppables).

It took a couple of weeks of hunting and we finally found some at the Cambridge Zehrs!


Boy this box is tricky

Need to get into it!

First bite!


Verdict: Yummy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Late Update(s)

Its been a little while since I've update my progress on the puzzle. There was Easter and what not. I've also have a new camera and uploading pictures is far more difficult since I have to remove the SD card. I need an SD card reader.

I've moved things around and here is a picture of everything finished

Now, for the progress pictures. Just showing the incremental progress over the last 3-ish? weeks
Start with water splashy areas


Attached the hippo to the alligator/crocodile