Sunday, May 25, 2014

3 Days ...

After my vacation to Jenn & Lee's Wedding!  I came home to work on my puzzle. I was going to get grey done!  Yes, I was committed ... until I actually started it.

It sucks.  I lasted a whole 3 days!  But look at what I accomplished (which wasn't much) ...

Just a little bit of the elephant

So, I have changed gears ... I'm going green!!  Leafy green, not grassy green. I have been making a lot of really good headway!  I forgot to do an update during the week (Wednesday or Thursday-ish?)  So here are the pictures from there

Around the big giraffe's head

Beside the lions

So, now here is the update to the update.  Since, I'm only missing a handful of the pieces, I'm pretty much done with the areas I have been working on.

Left side of the puzzle, I got lazy and didn't bother looking for the last 2 pieces in the middle

Part I of II

Part II of II
For the most part the trees and the greenery are now complete!

Right side of the puzzle

Just a note: I did end up working on some of the elephants, when I was working on the grey, I started to separate out some of the pieces (turns out it was the elephants on the right side).

Up next? The top corners!  Hopefully, those will be completed in a few days ... after that, I'll tackle the grassy green (bottom right hand corner) and then the 'box of miscellaneous dark pieces'.  I believe once those 3 items are completed ... then the large elephant will be worked on.  I hope it does not take 8-weeks like the blue did for the 9000 piece puzzle I did.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Giraffes ... completed!

Another puzzle update!  I had taken a break from the puzzle a couple of weeks ago because my sister-in-law visited from Vancouver and then just got lazy.  But this week I got back at it!  I have completed the giraffes as promised.

There are various pieces missing in various areas. Sorting through all of the pieces are starting to get tiring - I think I am about half done the puzzle ... so, there are still about 9000 other pieces to go.  I have not decided what to do next.  I may start with the 'trees' and other greenery. Stay tuned.

Oh! Zebras are more complete too!

Finished off the other zebra