Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The American Influence on Canadian Politics ...

... goes beyond the election tactics.

In recent elections (I guess over the past 10 - 15 years), the tone of elections has changed. Changed for the worst, less about policy more about attack the leader of the party. Do you want this man leading Canada/Ontario? This is probably the result of the American elections. Attack your opponent! Call into question everything, and nothing is off-limits (except for family).

But there is something else that the American system has done to Canadian politics. It is no longer about the MP who represents you; however, the leader of the party. This is a direct result of Canadians seeing Bush or Clinton or Obama being elected as the leader of the nation. The face of the nation. People now have to understand that when they vote, they should be voting for their representative and NOT the leader of the party. The party leader isn't going to do anything for you, but your MP should.

Furthermore, the influence of American politics isn't solely based on voter perspective, but now, the leaders of the party. Harper is strong willed and a non-nonense, I don't take shit from anyone, if you don't vote the way I want you to, not only will I kick you out of my caucus, but I will beat you down so hard that you will never ever be in a political somebody again type of leader. Sound familar? No? Well, look at Jean Chretien, he was the same way, party members have to tow the party line ALL the time, even if its against the wishes of the very people they represent. Need more evidence, Brian Mulroney - although, I feel that he was less abrasive. He had tight control on their MPs. Perhaps the Conservatives were better at hiding it.

Perhaps the importance of the leader the evolution of the party system in Canada, but having the leader, be so brash and bold, so wanting to leave their mark on Canada and how Canada should look in their own eyes ... that s/he never takes a second thought that maybe (just maybe) its not what's good for the country.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Who Said Canadian Politics isn't Interesting ....

... Well, I think I did - actually, I know I did several times, on several different occasions - repeatedly.

If you don't know, Canadian politics is really interesting right now. The Liberals and NDP have formed a coalition and requested the Governor General that there is a viable alternative government in the House with the confidence of the majority of Canadians. Why did this happen? I'll get into that in a later post. Short story, I believe its all about money and Harper's big ego.

But right now, I have an image in my head, it has Dion, Layton and Harper in a car, screaming towards a cliff and the 3 of them are fighting over the steering wheel. Oh wait, can't forget about Elizabeth May, she just jumped into the car with her support of the coalition government and apparent request for a Senate seat with a Cabinet position!